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Florida Woman Attacked by Bees and Stung More Than 100 Times

A swarm of bees stung an elderly Plantation woman more than a hundred times Tuesday evening. The woman, who is reportedly in her early 90s, was attacked by bees that had nestled in a tree outside her home in the 1400 block of Campanelli Drive West.

According to one witness, the woman was seen on the ground surrounded by the bees.

Fire crews were called to the home and used foam and water to take down the hive.

The woman was taken to Westside Regional Hospital.

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Neighbors rushed to the woman's aid as rescue officials rushed to the scene. Luckily, no one else suffered bee stings.

Plantation Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Joel Gordon said that the woman was found in bad shape and that the 100 or more bee stings "could have happened in seconds."

"Once they're aggravated, they move very quickly," Gordon said per the Sun-Sentinel. "We were there in a matter of minutes, and by the time we were there, they were already dissipated."

Gordon says the fire rescue crew sprayed the hive with a special foam they normally use for grease fires. The foam killed the bees on contact.

Spraying bees with the foam isn't the normal protocol, but, Gordon says, the bees were so agitated that they were afraid more people could get stung.

As for the woman, she was responsive and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The warming weather in South Florida usually means more bee hives start going up around town.

Back in March, Palm Beach County officials caught 20 swarms of Africanized honeybees, commonly referred to as "killer bees."

Killer bees are generally more aggressive and have been known to attack a person for approaching within 50 feet of a hive, though officials have not said what type of bees attacked the woman in Plantation.

Last October, a Cocoa Beach woman had to have more than 20,000 bees removed from her home.

Those bees were removed by an expert using a vacuum cleaner.

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