Florida Woman Awarded $25,000 for Having to Shake Bra During Traffic Stop

Zoe Brugger was pulled over in Lakeland last May for a busted headlight, but what happened next had little to do with that. The 29-year-old was forced to lift up her shirt and shake her bra in an attempt by the cops to find drugs.

The incident was caught on video, and cops later searched her vehicle before coming up empty on all accounts.

Brugger, though, came up money.

The City of Lakeland gave Brugger a $25,000 check this month for her troubles after it was approved by City Manager Doug Thomas, City Attorney Tim McCausland, and other city directors, according to the Ledger.

The police officer in question, Dustin Fetz, had only one punishment: to serve a one-day suspension. A department review of the incident found that Fetz didn't violate police search policy or the law. His suspension came about because he had his car camera turned on but not his microphone.

It gets better. It always does. It's Florida:

Fetz told a State Attorney's Office investigator that the bra-shaking search "is a known technique that is used by some LPD officers but cannot recall ever formally being trained to do this," according to a State Attorney's Office report.

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