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Florida Woman Burns Dog and Husband in Horrible Flea-Killing Accident

Things quickly went from terrible to GAHH!! for a Broward couple and their dog earlier this week when a woman inadvertently lit both the dog and her husband on fire.

On Tuesday, Telma Botcherby was cleaning fleas off her dog with Adams Flea & Tick Spray. According to a BSO incident report, Telma spotted a tick on the floor and decided to kill it with fire.

So, she grabbed a lighter. The dog, Ruby, spooked by the spark, jumped toward where Telma was and suddenly burst into flames.

"I couldn't see any dog, no Ruby," Botcherby told NBC Miami. "She was nothing but flames."

Oh wait. It gets worse.

According to the report, a panicked Telma screamed for her husband, Jess.

Jess ran over and grabbed an engulfed Ruby and jumped into the pool with the dog in his arms. As a result, Jess also suffered burns on his body.

Jess was taken to North Broward Hospital and then transferred to Jackson Memorial as a trauma alert, according to the report. He suffered second-degree burns on 18 to 24 percent of his body, including his left arm and chest and parts of his face.

Ruby, meanwhile, suffered burns to her abdomen and inside of her back legs.

Unfortunately, Jess and Telma couldn't afford to take Ruby to get care at an animal urgent care center, so they had to wait to take their dog to an animal hospital that wasn't open until the next day.

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