Florida Woman Busted for DUI While Picking Up Son From School

Moms can be, like, totally embarrassing sometimes.

They kiss you in front of your school friends.

Or they decide to clean your face in front of the classmate you have a crush on.

Or they pick you up from school totally hammered.

You know, mom stuff.

According to a Volusia County arrest report, 32-year-old Christina Stewart was busted when she went to pick up her son from Debary Elementary School.

Apparently, Stewart pulled into the school going the wrong way. And, for those of you who have to drop off and pick up kids from school, you know tha's a major no-no. Anytime a parent drives down the wrong lane during drop-off/pick-up hours, moms and cops freak the hell out over it.

Stewart was apparently driving against the rest of the traffic, the report says.

And so, Stewart caught the attention of a deputy on duty at the school.

When the officer asked her to back up, she did. But it took her a lot longer than it normally would to do so. She also hit the curb a few times.

Stewart exited her vehicle and, according to the cop, she reeked of booze. The officer conducted a sobriety test, which she failed.

When the deputy asked Stewart to take a Breathalyzer test, she reportedly responded, "No. Fuck you!"

The officer arrested Stewart, while her boyfriend went to pick up the kid.

This story was both hilarious and insanely sad.

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