Florida Woman Gets Naked, Steals a Car From Dealership

Leaving your car overnight to be serviced at the dealership has its pros and cons.

You might get good service, you might get charged a little extra, they might find other things wrong with it, you might have a passed out naked woman take it for a joy ride -- you know, the usual nuisance that comes with taking your car to get fixed up at the dealer.

That's what one man had to deal with when cops showed up to his house and told him they found his Acura 12 miles away from the dealership where he left it, with a naked woman passed out behind the wheel.

According to CBS12, Delray Beach resident, Melonie Mahfouz, was found naked and passed out by cops behind the wheel of an Acura she allegedly stole from an area dealership where it was left overnight to be serviced.

Police responded to a call at around noon on Monday, about a running car stopped along the 3100 block of Lake Worth Road with a naked and unconscious woman behind the wheel.

The officers found Mahfouz, 36, unresponsive, and had to enter the vehicle through the rear passenger door. Mahfouz was asked if she was okay. She told cops that she had a fever and high blood pressure.

She was taken to JFK Medical Center, the report says.

While there, cops checked the Acura's tag and saw that it had been reported stolen.

Police then found Mahfouz walking down the street from the medical center. She's a slippery one, that Mahfouz!

According to the police report, the car's owner told cops that Mahfouz had visited his home in the past, and that she may have gotten his car keys then. He had apparently taken the car to the dealership to have the locks changed, because he claims it had been stolen before.

No word if Mahfouz was the person that had stolen the car before, or if she was naked when she did so.

Mahfouz was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail Tuesday afternoon in lieu of $6,000 bail.

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