Florida Woman Has Child Beat Up Store Manager as She Shoplifts at a Family Dollar Store, Cops Say

A Florida woman who allegedly shoplifted items from a Volusia County Family Dollar store apparently had the most adorable accomplice in the history of crime, when she allegedly had her young son attack the store manager as they got away.

Police say the woman, who remains unidentified and at large, entered the store in Holly Hill with her two young children -- the eldest described as 7 to 8 years old -- and tried to scam the store manager before burglarizing the place and sending the kid to beat her up like a Bond villain henchman.

According to police, the whole thing went down after the woman apparently took a "50 percent off" sticker and placed it on a toy, according to the store's manager.

She took the toy and other items to the cash register but was told that the toy was not, in fact, 50 percent off, despite her clever ruse.

The woman then allegedly just kept on walking out of the store with items in her shopping cart, like it was all good. She was stopped and then forced to hand over the cart with the items. She then left the store.

But the woman and her two kids eventually returned to the store. She then began filling shopping bags with things and walked back out without paying.

The assistant manager followed the woman into the parking lot and attempted to write down her license plate number, then called 911 to notify police of the robbery.

Cops say that's when the woman attacked the assistant manager. She punched the assistant manager in the face and then asked her elder child to join in on the fight.

The woman and her kids then hopped into the car and pulled out of the parking space. The assistant manager says the woman then attempted to run her over as she sped off.

From MyNews 13:

"She was very scared. She was very shocked," said Brandon Davis, store manager. "She didn't think before she reacted. Once you see something happen like that, you get that adrenaline, 'Oh I'm going to get this person. I'm going to get this person.' But you don't know what you're going to get when you go chasing them."

Cops were able to track down the car, which turns out not to belong to the suspect. The owner of the car claims he loaned the vehicle to his granddaughter.

Police are asking anyone who might know anything about the incident or the suspect to call CrimeStoppers of Northeast Florida at 888-277-TIPS.

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