Florida Woman Hides Bags of Drugs in Her Vagina, Cops Say

When cops pulled Port St. Lucie resident Jayme Nicole Poma, 23, over for a traffic violation a few weeks ago, they found that there was an active warrant out for her arrest for failure to appear in court.

So the cops hauled her off to jail.

But this was only the beginning of what would be a pretty bad day for Poma. Because, upon patting her down at the station, they found she had a couple of hidden bags of cocaine and pot on her person.

And by "on her person," we mean inside her vagina.

Police performed a thorough search on Poma when she was first brought in to jail. She insisted she had nothing on her.

On her. In her. Semantics are important here!

During the patdown, a female officer noticed a purple sock in Poma's panties. When the sock was removed, the deputy spotted a plastic baggy hanging out of Poma's cooch.

Poma was ordered to hand over the baggy, where police found a small amount of marijuana.

At this, the deputy ordered Poma to squat and cough, which was a good idea, because, as it turned out, another bag fell out of her twat.

This one had cocaine in it.

No word if Poma had anything else hidden in her cha-cha: a shoe, a chicken, a phone, house keys, an espresso maker, some potted plants... but police did tag on additional charges due to her having a couple of bags of illegal drugs hidden up her flange, including smuggling contraband/introduce into detention facility, cocaine possession, and possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana.

Insanely enough, Poma is not the first Florida woman to be busted for hiding drugs in her vagina.

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