Florida Woman Threatens to Send Naked Photos of Teacher to Students Unless She Forks Over $1,500

A woman somehow got a hold of nude pictures of her roommate and, instead of just making fun of her and leaving it at that, she took it the extra step and told the woman to pay her $1,500 or she'd make the photos public.

Just so happens that the naked roommate is a teacher, and the woman specifically threatened to send the pictures to her fellow teachers and even her students.

Unless, of course, she just handed over the cash.

According to a West Palm Beach Police report, LaTasha Currington, 38, essentially told her roommate that there wasn't much else she could do, when the woman pleaded for her not to distribute the photos.

Whether this means Currington's hand was forced is not clear.

Still, the roommate called the cops, and investigators set up a phone call between the two in order to nab Currington trying to extort the victim.

According to police, Currington had also tried to extort the woman with her missing cat. The victim's cat had gone missing, and the Currington allegedly sent the woman an email telling her to fork over $430 for information on where the cat was.

Police say Currington was able to get her hands on the nude pics after the woman had sent them along with a letter to a friend in jail. The jail, however, does not allow such correspondence and sent the photos back.

Currington purportedly got the photos, and began to make her threats.

Police were able to set up a meet-up between the two women over the weekend. When Currington showed up, they arrested her. She is facing extortion charges.

According to police, she confessed her plot to them. She was placed in the Palm Beach County Jail and released on Sunday.

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