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Florida's "Mt. Rushmore of Sports" Is Shaky

It started around Presidents' Day. ESPN has been picking the "Mt. Rushmore of Sports" in every state, then choosing the top five states.

This week, it decided Illinois had the best mountain, with Michael Jordan, Ernie Banks, Walter Payton, and Mike Ditka. Hard to argue those guys aren't Da Best.

Florida's mountain wasn't so clear, however. We ended up with an all-football mountain, with two quarterbacks and two coaches. Half pro, half college.

The top faces in the history of Florida sports, according to ESPN: Dan Marino, Don Shula, Bobby Bowden, and yes, Gators fans, Tim Tebow.

After the jump, a list of legendary Florida athletes Tebow jumped... and a picture I took of Tim Tebow with my phone.

Tim Tebow has become a Chuck Norris-like character in the forums populated by clever college kids born well after Chuck Norris' career ended. He won two college championships and has promised UF fans a third. He's the first player ever to win the Heisman as a sophomore. I witnessed his powers in person earlier this year, at Dolphin Stadium. And I took this picture of him with my phone after the game. You know, so I can text it to my grandkids one day.

But as great as he may be, it's hard to argue he's much more deserving than these legendary Floridians:

Shaquille O'Neal -- On top of making great movies, Shaq led both Florida professional basketball franchises to the NBA finals, winning one with the Miami Heat -- the only championship in team history.

Chris Evert -- She won 18 Grand Slam singles championships. Her name is also similar to this guy's, which led to more laughs than every movie Shaq has ever appeared in combined.

Deion Sanders -- A standout at Florida State, Sanders is perhaps the best cornerback ever to play football. That would be impressive enough, but he also played pro baseball. Sort of. He also has two pretty cool nicknames: Primetime and Neon Deion.

Emmitt Smith -- He rushed for more yards than any other player in Florida high school history. Then he did the same thing at Florida. Then he did it again in the NFL, passing Walter Payton as the league's all-time leading rusher. Oh, and he won three Superbowls with America's team.

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