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Florida's September 11 Connection: Bob Graham to Talk at Journalism Fundraiser Tonight

You've seen the pattern in Broward: Bad people come here to plot their schemes, nobody cares, and they operate with impunity for years until some journalist finally stumbles upon them. Then everyone is outraged. This isn't true just of Ponzi schemers and fraudsters. Terrorists do it too. 

Bob Norman revealed in a five-part series that the 9/11 terrorists, who struck 11 years ago today, were aided by lax immigration policies in South Florida. 

The terrorists had several South Florida haunts, pictured here.

Last year, Dan Christensen broke the story that a well-connected Saudi family had fled their Sarasota home, which had been visited by Mohammed Atta three days before the 9/11 attacks, but that Congress and the 9/11 Commission had been kept in the dark. Sen. Bob Graham called this lack of communication "total B.S." 

Tonight, Graham is giving a talk at Museum of Art|Fort Lauderdale about this discovery, in a fundraiser for Christensen's site, Broward Bulldog. Christensen was a Herald reporter before starting the independent site. It's a schmancy affair with a 5:30 p.m. cocktail reception, $75-a-head dinners, and copies of Graham's book. 

Part of Graham's complaints involve the fact that a 28-page section at the end of the 9/11 Commission Report, detailing financial sources for the hijackers, was blacked out and never available to the public. 

Meanwhile, people keep talking about 9/11's lingering shadows in our area. Sailors in Dania look across the street to a gym where they say the terrorists used to train. There's Shuckums Oyster Bar in Hollywood, which closed down after being linked to visits from Atta. 

Our country's done a lot to fight terrorism in the past decade-plus, but rest assured there are still schemers of some variety in every corner of Broward County. Let's hope someone's around to bring them to light.

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