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Florida's Unelected Senator Will Begin Rewriting the Constitution Now, OK?

James Madison, the so-called Father of the Constitution and apparent dunce, neglected to write something in there about not spending too much money. But George LeMieux was not not elected to allow oversights like this. Besides, he's been a U.S. Senator for, like, 90 days and he has three children (and a fourth on the way!). He even names them, in case President Obama happened to forget -- unlikely, considering these details' importance to the National Debate. Would Obama be so cruel

as to force the LeMieux children to scrape by merely with the millions they will inherit from Daddy's time as a high-priced Florida lobbyist? Would he have them get jobs?

We hope not. But just in case, Barack, please ask your Democratic Congress to change the silly, sloppy old U.S. Constitution. The Orlando Sentinel agrees with Juice that this is pure genius, saying in an editorial today that LeMeiux's balanced-budget amendment is a "warmed-over idea that has no chance of passing in a Democratic-controlled Congress."

There's at least lukewarm praise hiding somewhere in that line...

But those wiseacres at the Orlando Sentinel are wrong to say that LeMieux is building a legacy with his critique of federal spending. He's also managed to take a hostage -- some appointee to the ambassadorship to Brazil. And he won't release that hostage until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admits that LeMieux has an "eagle eye" on democracy in Brazil. It is good that Clinton has to call LeMieux and beg for his cooperation, because she has nothing better to do.

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Thomas Francis