Foley Cried At Pages' Farewell Ceremony

The most interesting moment on the Michelangelo Signorile show on Sirius radio today was when Signorile played a tape recording of Foley's farewell speech to Congressional pages at a Capitol Hill ceremony (not sure of the year). I'm listening to Foley talking about how wonderful the, experience, had been and he sounds really emotional.

"He's crying," Signorile says.

And sure enough, Foley

is. He's choking up in front of all the pages and, assumedly, a slew of fellow lawmakers. What an F-ing weirdo. That alone should have told everybody in the room that something was wrong with this guy.

Signorile is one who has a deep disdain for the closet and has liberated a lot of celebrities and politicians from it over the years. And he's certainly right about Foley: The former congressman is one self-hating gay man.

But that was always obvious from the company he kept -- why else would he join a political party that despises him and come out against gay marriage and gay adoption? Why else would he call questions about his sexuality -- before Tuesday's confessions -- revolting and unforgivable?

I found an old Express Gay News piece -- you can't get archives of the gay newspaper on the Internet since Norm Kent sold the Fort Lauderdale paper a couple years ago -- at an aggregator site. It's a perfect example of the way Foley would turn on his kind. At the time, he was running for the U.S. Senate and was trying to soften his anti-gay positions, assumedly so as to protect himself from being outed as he was by the Advocate in 1996 when he supported the Defense of Marriage Act. It occurred during the controversy caused by my story about him and not long before he dropped from the race. According to the newspaper:

"Questioned by a Pasco County Republican leader about being too soft on gay rights issues, Foley defiantly pointed out that was not the case, reminding the audience that he not only opposed gay adoptions but had supported the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996."

It continued:

Ironically, the positions Foley took on Wednesday came about because a Republican leader implied that he was being "soft on gay rights." The official, Scott Factor, a Republican party treasurer, chastised Foley for voting against a law that would have prohibited the use of federal funds for an ordinance in San Francisco creating rights for domestic partners.

Foley defended his vote, saying Congress should not meddle with issues decided at the local level. It was at that moment though, that Foley, pictured today in The Express with his partner, Dr. Layne Nisenbaum of Palm Beach, announced he opposed gay adoptions.

What a twisted dude. It's so obvious he never should have been able to get away with living that lie now -- and hopefully the mainstream dailies have realized that.

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