Foley Got Shaft From POTUS -- And Not In Good Way

Gov. Jeb Bush's office released e-mails exhanged between the gov and disgraced congressman Mark Foley yesterday and, thankfully, we are none the wiser on the size of Jeb's member. But Dara Kam of the Palm Beach Post reports that there were some interesting exchanges about Foley's concern about getting the high hat from Jeb's brother, George W.

"Have I done something to offend the White House ... I am always getting the shaft ... they came to ft pierce a few weeks ago and said I was not allowed to attend ... yet joe negron is there ...

"Tomorrow Potus is in Martin County and I am told I am not allowed to be there either. I can't quite figure what I have done but this is a continuing pattern of slights ... I have constantly put the President in the best possible light on everything from haiti to hurricanes ... sorry to trouble you ... and I wouldn't if this wasn't so frequent ..."

Bush replies: "I will try to help. I know it is nothing you have done. Promise."

Takes you back to high school don't it? Two other highlights from Kam's report: Foley did a favor in May 2004 for WPB "radio personality" Jennifer Ross by having Jebbie call in to her radio show and wish her a happy birthday. How sad for Ross (who I've never heard on the radio).

And in another Bush called Democratic Congressional candidate Ron Klein "a slime."

After the jump: Destroyed E-Mails In Hollywood, Defense of Till, and Dozier Still Daft

-- In the Hollywood sludge saga, the Sun-Sentinel's John Holland and Ihosvani Rodriguez tell us this morning of "lost or destroyed" e-mails that were exchanged between Mayor Mara Giulianti and a key figure in Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom's corruption case. City Attorney Dan Abbott told prosecutors the e-mails "no longer exist."

Can you say obstruction of justice?

Well, we don't know what happened to those e-mails, but this is seriously suspicious. And regardless of how those e-mails died, Abbott is looking more and more like a raging idiot in this thing -- yet now the governor is working with him to choose Wasserstrom's replacement. In a 2005 e-mail, Abbott told the city manager that "the allegations of impropriety directed to Mayor Giulianti and Commissioner Wasserstrom are even more outrageous than I initially suspected." What a goon! If the governor is smart, he'll suspend Abbott and replace him immediately. Short of that, the remaining commissioners better get smart and vote to fire this guy.

It's my understanding that the commission is supposed to choose a replacement and word around city hall was that the replacement was supposed to be former commissioner Dick Blattner. Looks like a power struggle is underway and Jeb Bush is being used as a trump card.

-- Look, I'm no big fan of Frank Till, but the school board's move to fire him stinks. In the Sun-Sentinel report on the movement this morning, Buddy Nevins and Jean-Paul Renaud quote Bev Gallagher saying, "Dr. Till dropped so many balls on this, he doesn't know what happens half the time in the district." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Gallagher was the driving force behind the Southwest Ranches swampland boondoggle.

Here's the problem with the school board:

Special interests and lobbyists buy board members like Gallagher (along with Dinnen, Gottlieb, and Bartleman, among others). Special interests work deals directly with board members. Board members orchestrate said deals through staff. Staff, working at the pleasure of the board, does the members' bidding, even if it stinks. Deals blow up in school board's face. Board members blame staff.

-- Don't worry, the sun is still rising in the sky, the earth is securely fixed to its axis, and the Rev. O'Neal Dozier is still a seriously arrogant jackass. His bid to mend fences with the Muslim community after calling Islam an "evil cult" turned out to be a sham. The Sun-Sentinel's Gregory Lewis reports that in a meeting with Islamic leaders that included CAIR director Altaf Ali, Dozier encouraged "Muslims to put a page in the Koran that would urge readers to interpret its 'evil verses' historically and not take them literally."

Better idea: Why don't they drop all this Prophet Mohammed stuff and start worshipping Dozier? Then all our problems would be solved.

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