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Fool's Gold? Hammer Has Stake in Pompano Gold Trader

That's an ad from the Super Bowl, when Ed McMahon had only one foot in the grave and Hammer was merely a pitchman for Cash4Gold. Now the semiretired rapper owns an equity stake in the Pompano Beach-based company, according to

It should be noted that Hammer is a better rapper than money manager, which is scary for anyone who's also bet on Cash4Gold's continuing its exponential growth. Hammer suffered through a hellacious bankruptcy in 1997. But he's been slowly, humbly clawing his way back to cultural relevance. His most recent vehicle: Twitter, where Hammer's page currently has more than 1.7 million followers.

Cash4Gold is so enamored of Hammers that this month it also added to its stable of Mixed Martial Arts fighters, inking a sponsorship deal with James "The Hammer" McSweeney, a kickboxer.

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Thomas Francis