"Foot Fetish" Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Sergeant Allegedly Videotaped Naked Young Girl UPDATE

Update: On Friday morning, a Palm Beach judge set Pradere's bond at $100,000.

Original post: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Mario Pradere was arrested on allegations of lewd conduct involving a minor.

According to authorities, Pradere, 50, used a department-issued camera to make videos of a female minor, and massaging her feet while fondling himself. The girl was 16 at the time the video was made, according to authorities.

Pradere allegedly took photos of the girl's feet, and made videos of her naked. He also allegedly told investigators he had a "fetish."

Pradrere allegedly massaged the girl's feet, and admitted in a recorded conversation that he bit her toes and that "it was a sexual thing."

The arrest report also says Pradere admitted to having a "fetish" problem when discussing how he fondled the girl's feet.

According to the victim in the case, the sergeant also videotaped her naked while she was dressing in her bedroom.

The girl found Pradere's department-issued video camera sitting on a shelf in her bedroom, positioned to videotape her undressing.

In addition to his other admissions, Pradere also fessed up to taking photos of her feet, and videotaping her naked. He allegedly stored the images on a disc, but later destroyed copies of the images.

Pradere did admit to touching the girl's feet, but denied sexually assaulting her or battering her in any way.

"Once I started massaging her feet my fetish and sickness took over," Pradere allegedly wrote in a note found by sheriff's investigators during an internal investigation over the past month.

For now, the PBSO has placed Pradere on administrative leave with pay

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