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For $25 an Hour, Margate Man Will Drive You Around to Catch Pokemon

It didn’t take long for Pokémon Go to become a hazard to public health.

Just yesterday, a car crash took place in Texas after a driver parked in the middle of the road and jumped out of the car to catch a Pokémon.

No wonder, then, that local police have asked residents not to play the game while they’re driving.

But let’s be real: It’s summer in South Florida. If you try to walk around and hunt for Pokémon on foot, you’re equally likely to die.

Marc Walters, 25, has the solution to this dilemma. Walters, who lives in Margate but emphasizes that he’s available “all over,” is advertising his services on Craigslist as a Pokémon Go driver. For $25 an hour, he’ll drive you around to local PokéStops and gyms so you don’t have to worry about crashing your car to catch a Magikarp.

Walters says he got the idea when he saw how many people in his neighborhood were out late at night playing the game.

“It's crazy. I was out at 3 a.m. last night, and there were people all over Margate chasing Pokémon,” he told New Times. “There's a park right up the street from my house, and there are people there all night, bro. Like, literally.”

So far, he’s only had a few customers, which is fine because he also has a day job buying and selling cars at auction.

“With Craigslist, sometimes it takes a little while to catch on,” he said. “I haven’t earned that much, but it’s really just a fun thing. I’m really just trying to help kids out, 'cause I would see kids walking around late night, and I was like, that’s kind of crazy.” 
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Antonia Farzan is a fellow at New Times. After receiving a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, she moved to South Florida to pursue her dream of seeing a manatee and meeting DJ Khaled (ideally at the same time). She was born and raised in Rhode Island and has a BA in classics from Hamilton College.