For Broward Democrat Roast, an Idea for Corporate Sponsor

And speaking of bad ideas, how about this one: The Broward Democrats are planning to roast themselves.

I love roasts. Roasts are fun. But there are at least two essential prerequisites for a successful roast: that the roasters are prepared to be ruthless; and that the roastees have a thick skin.

This idea has the fingerprints of party chairman Mitch Ceasar, who I'm guessing will roast first. Ceasar's definitely proven he can be he can be ruthless -- at least when the victim of his wit is a dead celebrity. But as that bit also proved, Ceasar's not ruthlessly funny. And now imagine a room filled with the many thin-skinned egos among the county's Democrats. This has the makings of a catastrophe. I can hardly wait.

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