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For Cub Reporter, No Love From the Home Crowd

It's a pity that not all commenters are as classy as those here at Juice. I'm reminded of this disparity after looking hopefully toward the comments field in this NBC6 Miami report about Damon Weaver, the 11-year-old African American boy from poverty-ravaged Pahokee who just might be the youngest person to ever interview the U.S. President.

Let's check in with those commenters:

Why doesn't Obama let a white kid interview him? Could it be that he is a racist?
Looks like you've cracked the case, BRNSTB007. And for your prize, a Confederate flag sticker for the back of your truck. SPRINGERRIDER offers a theory of how Weaver really got access to Obama.
Why not. They are intellectual equals.
And this next commenter is almost definitely the same one who tweeted recently about Obama's alleged "death panels." See if you can guess from the comment.
He is no doubt an extremely intelligent child but he is no political strategist. Obama can, will and did dazzle him; Prez has charisma, that's one thing for sure. He is also an idiot, that is also for sure.

Hmm, excessive use of the word "also"... Sarah Palin? You betcha!

Still, something's missing. Let's see. An 11-year-old boy. A charismatic president... What do you make of those clues, WEMADEAMISTAKE?

President Narcissist spends more time pumping his image at every photo/video op that he can muster. It is troubling that he is focused on using children as of late to brain wash the public on his socialist scams.
Getting warm... getting RED HOT. Almost there...
Kinda reminds me of how the Nazis used the Hitler Youth to brainwash youth and hide the real truth.
Jackpot! Of course! Obama's master plan to cast a spell over black schoolchildren so that they can help him exterminate the white race. That rascal. But not on these readers' watch!

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