For Senate Appointment, What About Bob?

Bob Smith, that is, the former U.S. Senator from new Hampshire. Publicly, Charlie Crist's campaign could explain that Smith, who has been living in Sarasota, brings a wealth of experience to the job -- six years in the House and 12 in the Senate. That's more than anyone else being mentioned among the candidates or for that matter the two front-runners for the job in 2010.

But on a more Machiavellian level, Crist can safely predict that whatever bump Smith gets from his time as a seat-warmer will come from the party's right wing, which is liable to vote for Marco Rubio anyway, at least if the straw polls hold steady for another year. In a primary battle that still looks comfortable but which has pitfalls on either side, Crist has every reason to want to split the vote of the far-right, as well as to make an appointment that proves he's a true believer in Reagan Republicanism, like Smith, whose policy positions should appeal to the Glenn Beck set.

Or then maybe Smith's just a sentimental favorite here, because he was the first politician declare his candidacy on this blog -- though, admittedly, through no particular intention on Smith's part, but rather the mainstream media's dismissal of him as a fringe candidate.

On a final note, yes, this is the second time I referenced the Bill Murray comedy classic in a headline about Bob Smith, but it may not be the last. I'm trying to convince Smith's somnolent campaign to adopt "What About Bob?" as its slogan. A few more posts should do it.

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