For South Florida Man, Tony Romo's Choke Job Worth $1 Million

There are a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers fans in South Florida. But none love the boys in black and gold as much as a 31-year-old North Miami Beach man who's a package handler at UPS. Or by now, probably, an ex-package handler. Thanks to the Steelers' late rally over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Samuel Louis-Charles won $1 million in ESPN's Streak for Cash contest.

ESPN promised the million to the first person to pick 25 consecutive winners in its free internet challenge. Playing as "Bigsam1122," Sam picked the Steelers to beat a battered Cowboy team at home, in freezing temperatures.

He told ESPN First Take's Jay Crawford it was all "thanks to Romo. Aw, I love that guy."

After the jump, Sam's story, and his appearance today on The Worldwide Leader.

Two other players made it to 24-straight before Sam, but both players lost on the 25th pick. Sam thought he'd be the third when, with seven minutes left in the game and the favored Steelers down 13-3, he turned the game off and went to work. At some point during his shift Sam's sister called his cell phone to congratulate him. "Stop playin'!" he told her.

What he didn't know was that with 1:40 left on the clock, Pittsburgh cornerback Deshea Townsend intercepted the adorably nicknamed Dallas quarterback (and Texas demi-god) Tony Romo, returning it for a touchdown to give the home team the lead.

When he learned the outcome of the game, Sam said, he "screamed like a girl." As for his plans for the money? Some will go to charity. Some to his sister. "And of course Romo gets a gift. And Jessica Simpson."

Here's Sam's appearance today on ESPN's Mike and Mike (after the ad):

-- Michael J. Mooney

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