For Tiger's Ex-Mistresses: Metal Detecting Sandals?

Long walks on the beach just got a lot more profitable. In time for a new year in which we're all casting around for ways to offset dwindling cash flow, Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced the perfect accoutrement for beachcombing snowbirds, recently dethroned celeb mistresses, and out-of-work journos: the metal detecting sandal.

The ladies recently knocked off a certain golf-champ's hit list might want to trade in their Blahniks for a pair of these babies. Ok, they're not as gorgeous as the pair of leopard-print Leboutins Rachel Uchitel might wear to, say, snare a Tiger or walk her dogs. So, possibly they're a little dowdy. But hey, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

As any treasure hunting Florida tourist knows, "Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins, jewelry, ship artifacts and other relics were strewn along the east-central coast of Florida" by wrecked Spanish galleons -- and what's more, in free-for-all Florida, you get to keep what you find!

Here's what Hammacher promises:

A copper coil built into the right sandal is powered via a battery pack that straps to your calf. Using beat frequency oscillation technology, the ring creates a magnetic field; when a metal object is underfoot--up to 2'--it distorts the field and the battery pack alerts you to the presence of metal using a flashing red light and either a gentle vibration or a clearly audible buzz. Requires one 9-volt battery (not included)--provides up to six hours of use. The sandals have non-skid soles and polyurethane foam footbeds.

The sandals require an initial investment of $59.95, but aspiring entrepreneurs know that it takes money to make money, right? [For fabulous Daily Mail photos of Uchitel walking on the beach, without sandals or very much else, click here]

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