Forecast for West Palm: Expect a Shower

Hot chicks. Nude. Showering. In public. The prospect is so dazzling...well... it's damned hard to focus on the political point. But if you can pry yourself away from that photo, we'll give it a try.

Before we get to that, it behooves me to mention the time and place. This PETA demonstration is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. A nooner, if you will. And it's to be staged at the corner of West Clematis and South Narcissus Avenue -- the latter being a particularly apt location, I suppose.

But yes, there's a political point! The bathing beauties will do their rub-a-dub-dub inside a banner like the one pictured. It reads, "Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegetarian! One Pound of Meat = 6 Months of Showers."

So the point is that for the amount of energy expended in producing and preparing one pound of meat for human consumption, one could shower for six months? Well, maybe so.

Or maybe the real point is to give a vivid view of how vegetarianism does the body good?

Yet another possibility: Lure media types to report on this saucy bit of exhibitionism, bringing more publicity and members and donations to PETA.

Yeah, like that'll work.

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