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Forget the Abortion Bill, How About Videos on Vasectomies?

Florida's legislators, in their great wisdom, today passed a bill requiring women to get an ultrasound exam before exercising their constitutional right to have an abortion.In addition to paying for the exam, most women will have to listen to a doctor's description of the fetus.

Clearly, our elected leaders don't think women can be trusted to make such an important decision without the assistance of graphic imagery. But what about the other half of the population? Surely, lawmakers won't object to teaching men a similar lesson.

A few suggestions:

1. Before buying condoms: Must view your mom's favorite birthing video.

2. Before entering a strip club: Watch a slide show of naked syphilis patients.

3. Before getting an AIDS test: Screen the movie Philadelphia.

4. Before entering a porn store: Watch the documentary Born into Brothels.

5. Before joining a college frat: View a PowerPoint presentation on vasectomies.

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