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Former Football Star Charged With Rapes

A former Deerfield Beach star running back has been charged in a series of rapes dating back more than 20 years. Deputies say former Deerfield Beach and University of Illinois football star Steven Feagin is tied to four rapes, one of them committed in Pompano Beach last year and three dating back to the 90s in Illinois. Read Hannah Sampson's account in the Miami Herald and it looks like some good detective work done by BSO's Eric Hendel. In the Pompano Beach case the rapist broke into a woman's house and put a cloth over her mouth and nose until she passed out (chloroform?) before raping her. Pretty efficient and professional -- who knows how many more cases might be out there. the 38-year-old Feagin, who was recently named one of the 100 greatest high school football players in Broward history, also pleaded guilty in 2005 to having consensual sex with a 15-year-old. Apparently his target of choice was blonde women, according to this report in the News-Gazette in Illinois. Feagin lost his job at the parks department after that one. Yes, of course, the parks department. Now he works at "Mr. Squeaky Car Wash" in Pompano, apparently. As a side note, Feagin is the second Deerfield Beach football star to be charged recently with a serious crime.

-- The Sun-Sentinel's Anthony Man reveals that Congressman Ron Klein, who voted for the bailout, is a darling of banks and the financial industry, having received nearly $800,000 in campaign contributions from Wall Street-related interests. My question: Why did we bother to vote down Clay Shaw? At least Shaw had some personality and real South Florida flavor to go with his votes for special interests. I can almost forgive Klein for being horribly pandering, but dull too? What's the matter with us?

-- Last week's FBI raid on Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty's home apparently has some political players in Broward County worried they may fall under the umbrella of the investigation. Some, I hear, are convinced their phones are bugged by the feds.

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