Former TV Reporter Now Picketing TV Station

Olga Bichachi, a reporter for WPLG-TV (Channel 10) at least as recently as February 2008, has gone rogue! That's her as part of a picket that took place last week outside her old studio in Hallandale Beach. She sounds pretty convincing -- right up to the point where she starts talking about the "liberal media." Yes, a media so liberal that it gives wall-to-wall coverage of Tea Party rallies and largely ignores gay marriage rallies. A liberal media that mostly didn't bother to fact-check absurd, exaggerated claims about health care reform made by Tea Party types trying to derail the horrifying policy of universal coverage.

And yet, Bichachi and her fellow Tea Party types, who already have their own news network, are still complaining about the media. Hell, if anybody should be demonstrating about media bias, it should be political activists not affiliated with the Tea Party.

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