Invest elsewhere, kid
Invest elsewhere, kid

Fort Lauderdale Almost Dead Last on Forbes' List of Best Places for Businesses and Careers

The big business brains over at Forbes compiled a list of 200 American cities that the magazine says are the best for "business and careers."

Don't get your hopes up, folks. Fort Loddy Doddy did terrible, coming in 192 out of 200. We barely beat out notorious hellhole Flint, Michigan.

Other cities that ranked worse than Fort Lauderdale included Stockton, California; Detroit; Visalia, California; and the always-scummy pearl of New Jersey, Atlantic City.

It should be noted that our obnoxious and glitzy counterpart to the south, Miami, didn't do so hot either. It ranked 181.

There's at least one bright spot in Fort Lauderdale's ranking, though. The city earned a respectable 81 rank in education. But for cost of business, we were ranked 151, and for job growth we ranked 181. Ouch.

The magazine also points out that cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is 7.6 percent above the national average.

So what's the best city for businesses and career? Ultra-boring-sounding Provo, Utah.

As a state, Florida did rather terrible. The highest-ranked city in Florida was Gainesville, which took the 101 spot.


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