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Fort Lauderdale Beach: "A Police State," "Riot," and "Gang War" on Memorial Day, According to Twitter Reports

Yesterday the Memorial Day festivities got a little too hot and heavy in Fort Lauderdale. According to news reports flowing from multiple outlets right now, a large-scale police presence was needed to clamp down on unruly revelers. Both Fort Lauderdale PD and the Broward Sheriff's Office were reportedly dispatched in force. Right now, the details are pretty sketchy about what actually transpired, but a dip into social media shows something definitely went down.

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According to CBSMiami, right now police have reported that "dozens" of individuals were arrested in two separate incidents (check back; we'll try to confirm a more specific number today). One incident took place near NW 31st Avenue and West Broward Boulevard, the other near the beach on A1A.

The way police describe the latter incident, it was some Clockwork Orange-style mayhem-for-mayhem's-sake bad behavior.

"We had several reports of individuals who were reaching into vehicles, striking drivers. We have reports of individuals who were jumping on top of taxicabs," Fort Lauderdale PD spokesperson DeAnna Greenlaw told CBSMiami. "This was something that was planned through these individuals, and they were coming to Fort Lauderdale Beach Park for this purpose, to cause a problem."

Police reportedly confronted a group of people who had come to the park to fight. Law enforcement also shut down three bridges and marched the streets in riot gear -- both BSO and Fort Lauderdale PD. Again, right now police say about "dozens" of people were carted off in cuffs.

But on Twitter, beachgoers had been talking about a heavy police presence all day.

And the front-line dispatch continued as the clashes heated up. The commentary show a running tick-tock of what went down. The question to keep in mind is whether these are coming from folks who witnesses the mayhem firsthand or just heard about it. Regardless, there were definitely bad vibes floating in the ether yesterday in Fort Lauderdale.

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