Fort Lauderdale Cop Gets Canned for a Joke Involving Her Dog and Some Peanut Butter

This will teach you never to pull a practical joke a work -- or let your dog near your coworker's jar of peanut butter.

These two ingredients -- combined with a few subversive voice recordings -- was all it took to fire a Fort Lauderdale Police Department investigator and suspend three other employees without pay.

Police Chief Frank Adderley fired Crime Scene Investigator Stacy Jenkins after finding out about a few practical stunts she masterminded, according to the


Sentinel. Officers who were aware of the high jinks were given a few slaps on the wrist as well, including Sgt. Kimberly Hancock, who received a ten-day suspension without pay. Three-day suspensions were given to Det. Kerri Hagerty and Public Safety Aide Julia Horn.

I bet you're just dying to know what one of our city's crime scene investigators was doing with her dog and a jar of peanut butter. We were too -- but were a little let down when we realized it didn't have any kinky connection.

According to an internal review, Jenkins placed a hidden digital recorder in the city's Crime Scene Investigation office to record day-shift workers' conversations. But that's not all. She later told her three coworkers about the taped conversations on January 30, 2010 -- while she let her dog eat from another detective's peanut butter jar. 

It was the last bit of information that put Jenkins in the dog house. Officers who admitted to eating from the jar for a week afterward without knowing were outraged that some canine saliva was making its way onto their sandwiches.

We're just happy this woman doesn't work with us: She even told her colleagues she had previously let her dog urinate on another detective's desk. 

Really? We'll give you something to investigate, Jenkins -- like the source of your own misplaced anger issues.

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