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Fort Lauderdale Cops Unveil "The Peacemaker," a $10, 24-Hour Surveillance Truck

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: an armored truck owned by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department with 24-hour video-recording capabilities nicknamed "The Peacemaker."

The cops say they acquired this armored behemoth from Brink's for only $10, through a "strategic partnership."

"The purpose of 'The Peacemaker' is to enhance the police presence in high-crime areas throughout the city," Fort Lauderdale Detective Travis Mandell says. "Whereas standard patrol vehicles can only drive through neighborhoods, 'The Peacemaker' can be stationed in front of suspected drug houses, nuisance properties, and other problem areas throughout the city."



The truck is polished up with some Fort Lauderdale PD logos as well as the aforementioned video recording equipment that can keep an eye on you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Since it is an armored truck, police say "it is fortified against vandalism and criminal attempts to thwart surveillance."

Cops say the truck will be unveiled during its "Operation Endzone," in which officers will be trying to deter drinking, gambling, drug use, and "illicit activity" at youth football games, which has been a bit of a problem in the past.

Check out a larger picture of "The Peacemaker" below:


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