Fort Lauderdale Firefighters Save Two Puppies From a Fire, Win the Day

At about 9:15 Tuesday morning, the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department received an emergency call about a residential home that had caught fire.

The firefighters quickly jumped into gear, rushed to the engine, and roared over to the single-story home at 850 Arizona Ave., just three minutes after the call was made.

The fire had started in the laundry room, engulfing the home with smoke.

Once the firefighters cleared the area of its residents and extinguished the fire before it spread, they heard the sound of light whimpering coming from somewhere within the smoke-enveloped home.



Would the firefighters find them in time?

According to a Fort Lauderdale Fire Department news release, the answer is a hells yeah they did!

The firefighters searched the home and found two puppies within the thicket of smoke that was beginning to dissipate after the fire had been extinguished.

According to the battalion chief, the firefighters tended to the puppies, providing them with oxygen masks so they wouldn't choke from the smoke and O MY GAWD THAT'S FRIGGIN' ADORABLE!!

Fire damage was contained to the laundry room, with some smoke damage throughout the home. But, happily, the puppies were unharmed and have been returned to their owner.

Fire investigators remain on the scene. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

That was action-packed, informative, and adorable!

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