Fort Lauderdale House Explosion Becomes Marijuana Bust

Yesterday evening, an explosion and fire blew the roof off a Broward County home on SW 43rd Way, rattling the nerves of neighbors and launching debris into the air according to NBC Miami. No one was injured in the incident, which not-so-subtly drew authorities' attention to the home's contents -- pot plants and tools for growing weed. Officials said the paraphernalia for growing the green may have taxed the home's electrical system, causing the blast.

 "A big explosion, the house was rattling, the windows were shaking, we looked outside, everything's blue, the power lines were on fire," neighbor Jordan Rivera told NBC.

"It looked like a bomb dropped in my backyard," Lourdes DeWick said to NBC.

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The Sun-Sentinel reported that while no one was home at the time of the grow house explosion, dogs that were kept at the home were rescued safely. The green thumbed pot farmer(s) have not been arrested, and police are still investigating.

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