Fort Lauderdale Named Seventh "Most Exciting" Midsized City

Yesterday, we brought you the news on how the internet made it official that Downtown Fort Lauderdale was a kickass place. But today, we're here to tell you that not just the downtown area is kickass but the whole of Fort Lauderdale is kickass. All of it.

A new study by real estate blog Movoto has Fort Lauderdale in the Top Ten of the most exciting midsized cities in America.

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Fort Lauderdale? Exciting? We knew this already. But Motovo dug deep to make sure, sifting through data on different cities' nightlife, live music venues, and active life options.

"We looked at cities with a population between 120,000 and 210,000," Motovo's Chad Stiffney tells New Times. "We then took those 117 cities and ranked them based on nightlife, music venues, restaurants, and age of residents."

Each city was given a score from 1 to 117 in each of six categories. With one being the best score, the scores were averaged into what the site calls a Big Deal Score for each city. The lower the score, the better.

Like it did in the Livability.com rankings, Fort Lauderdale came in seventh in Motovo's study. Although we'd venture to say it's vastly more exciting than Providence, Road Island -- which Motovo ranked number 1.

Motovo at least ranked Fort Lauderdale number one in nightlife:

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Fort Lauderdale ranked first for nightlife out of all the cities we looked at. Unlike Providence taking first overall, this was something we actually, sort of, expected knowing that the Florida party hotspot was on our list. What we didn't know is just how much nightlife this city has: one bar or club -- such as YOLO, Tap 42, and countless others -- for every 460 people. That's... impressive.

Here are the full rankings:

1. Providence, RI 2. Charleston, SC 3. Fort Collins, CO 4. Eugene, OR 5. Syracuse, NY 6. New Haven, CT 7. Fort Lauderdale, FL 8. Pasadena, CA 9. Grand Rapids, MI 10. Salt Lake City, UT

(Slideshow courtesy of Motovo.com)

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