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Fort Lauderdale Police Say Its Cops Aren't Facing Any Charges -- That It Knows Of

Amid the dissemination of the transcripts from Scott Rothstein's deposition in Miami, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has released a statement claiming none of the department's employees will be facing charges -- that it knows of.

Rothstein was asked about his associations with organized crime as well as his claims that he bribed cops and judges, which drew objections from Assistant U.S. District Attorney Lawrence LaVecchio -- citing investigative privilege -- when things got too specific.

Fort Lauderdale Police Lt. Frank Sousa put out a statement today saying that the Broward State Attorney's Office review resulted in zero charges against department employees and that the federal investigation hasn't resulted in any charges either -- "to our knowledge."

Here's the statement Sousa sent out just a few minutes ago:

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has complete faith in the federal investigation which, to our knowledge, has not generated criminal charges against any employees of the Department.  

Furthermore, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's Office of Internal Affairs conducted an administrative investigation, inclusive of all the information available to the Department at the time, to determine if any employees violated Department policy. Numerous employees were found to have violated policy and appropriate corrective action was taken.  That investigation was then submitted to the Broward State Attorney's Office for their independent review. Their review resulted in no criminal charges being levied against any employee of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  

Obviously, if any specific allegations of criminal or administrative misconduct, that we were previously unaware of, are brought to the attention of the Department, a thorough and objective investigation will commence.

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