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Fort Lauderdale Police to Reveal Internal Affairs Probe Findings

The Fort Lauderdale Police department has scheduled a 4 p.m. news conference regarding an internal affairs investigation. While police are not revealing which specific investigation is being talked about, a source tells New Times that it's related to the abrupt termination and reassignments of four Fort Lauderdale Police officers last year.

In October, the Sun Sentinel reported that two officers were relieved of duty and two others assigned to desk work. Fort Lauderdale Police have remained mum over the reasons why the officers were taken off the streets.

The report, based on a memo sent out by Chief Frank Adderley, ordered officer Alex Alvarez, 22, and Officer James Wells, 29, to be relieved of duty with pay and to have their firearms, badges, and other police paraphernalia confiscated. 

Wells began his career with the FLPD in March 2010. Alvarez had been with the department since June 2012.

In addition, Adderley ordered officer Jason Holding, 31, and officer Christopher Sousa, to be moved to administrative duties. 

Adderley never clarified or explained why the four officers were removed from duty, and the only person to speak on the record over the matter was Mayor Jack Seiler, who told the Sentinel at the time: "I'm aware of the nature of the allegations and that a complaint was filed, but internal affairs has not finished its investigation. Seiler then said he could not comment further. 

When asked via meal by New Times if the press conference dealt with this case, Detective Tracy Figone couldn't confirm if this was indeed the case.

The press conference will be held at the Fort Lauderdale Police department lobby. Chief Adderley is expected to speak, as is Seiler, and City Manager Lee Feldman.

We'll update this story as more information comes in.
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