Fort Lauderdale Saggy Pants Serial Robber Gets 26-Year Sentence

Forget about the Riviera Beach law that warns saggy-pants-wearing citizens to pull 'em up or pay up.

Here's an even better reason anyone sporting low-riders should start hiking things up: It might make you less of a target if you happen to be running from the cops.

That wasn't the case for 21-year-old Luke Singletary, appropriately dubbed the 
"Saggy Pants Robber" after police recognized the serial robber's noticeably low-slung trousers from surveillance videos. 

According to investigators, Singletary robbed more than ten convenience stores across Fort Lauderdale in 2009. The crime was usually the same: he would hit-up stores around midnight, almost always wearing a mask and -- of course -- baggy pants.

He was arrested in April 2009 after detectives tailed him and his getaway car to a convenience store. Both Singletary and his driver were shot during the arrest, but Singletary was the easy target. Police brought him down with a bullet to the butt.

Now if that's not a reason to pull up your pants, what is?

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