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Fort Lauderdale Tourism Director Roots Against Dolphins, Listens to Styx

As the director of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Nicki Grossman's primary responsibility is to market Broward County to tourists, but doesn't she have some obligation not to annoy the hometown crowd? Today's South Florida Business Journal reports on an appearance she made yesterday:

CVB President Nicki Grossman took to the stage at the Broward County Convention Center as Styx's "Come Sail Away" played.

"That music said 'I'm sailing away' but, in fact, I wouldn't leave this place for anything," Grossman told a cheering lunch audience of several hundred tourism insiders.

After the jump, the region's pimp-in-chief carves up everybody's favorite football-playing mammal.

Grossman offered her sincere hope that the Miami Dolphins don't make the Super Bowl as that would stop the flow of out-state fans coming to root for their teams.

Well, Nicki, you'll be glad to know the Fins are 1-3. Try to keep your jubilation to yourself. Oh, and she wasn't quite done binging on schadenfreude.
Grossman confessed to another politically incorrect sentiment: Her pleasure in how the weak American dollar draws foreign visitors.

"We're all good Americans and we love our country, but boy do we love it when the dollar is getting slammed like it's getting slammed now," Grossman said.

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