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Fort Lauderdale's Investment Plan: A $250,000 Covered Walkway at City Hall and Other Talking Points

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Fort Lauderdale released its 2013-17 Community Investment Plan, a hulking document chock-full of expensive proposals. 

There are some noble and seemingly necessary ideas that could improve life in the city and give a much-needed boost to antiquated infrastructure. Then there are the other ideas. 

Here, a look at five notable proposals:

1. Cooler Cops 

The Police Department asked for more than $1 million to replace "failing air-conditioning units" in the building. It's not just sweaty cops that are in need of cool breezy relief: Air conditioners in two computer rooms are inadequate, which could result in a "catastrophic computer server failure."

2. Dry Politicians 
Rain-soaked bureaucrats are mad as hell, and they're not going to take it. That's why they requested $250,000 to build a covered walkway between City Hall and the nearby parking garage. The justification, according to the proposal: "On rainy days, the walk from the Garage to City Hall results in people getting wet."  

3. Getting Fit at Holiday Park 
Someone put forth the idea of creating a $3.5 million fitness facility in Holiday Park, the 93-acre chunk of greenery that runs up against Sunrise Boulevard. The proposal says that police "plan on taking over the entire compound." If that's the case, better add another half a million for air conditioning. 

4. Hurricane Protection 
A $125,000 price tag is all it'll take to get hurricane shutters for an administrative building at 1350 W. Broward Blvd. This seems like a no-brainer given that the building "houses staff during hurricanes."  As of now, they rely on the tried-and-true plywood protection.

5. Costly Lifts 
Between City Hall and the Police Department, there were requests to drop nearly $2 million on elevator upgrades. At the Police Department, according to the documents, one of the elevators is 50 years old and "there have been several instances when malfunctions have left people stranded in the elevators between floors." 

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