Fort Lauderdale's Pretty Gay -- According to Gays, One of the Gayest

You probably didn't need the experts to figure this one out, but Fort Lauderdale is a pretty gay place.

So gay, in fact, that the Advocate says it's the fourth-gayest place in the U.S. of A.

Wilton Manors is technically the gayest place in the country if we're basing this off on concentration of gay people, but the Adovcate uses some, uh, extra variables -- like the number of "International Mr. Leather competition finalists."

Yeah, that's the gay calculus right there -- one point each for LGBT elected city officials, WNBA teams, Imperial Court chapters, Gay Softball World Series Teams, LGBT bookstores, nude yoga classes, laws protecting transgender discrimination, concerts by Gossip, the Cliks, and the Veronicas, as well as the aforementioned leather dude. Then you take that number, and divide it by the city's population.

Do all that -- three gay softball teams and, apparently, a nude yoga class -- and Fort Lauderdale's the fourth-gayest place in America.

From the Advocate:

Booting spring breakers from its shores may have not boosted Jagermeister sales, but it sure has classed up the joint. Add to that a mass exodus from Miami, where a real estate boom priced out many gay clubs (then the boom busted), and you have the recipe for a rising homo mecca in South Florida. The area is teeming with gay bars and restaurants, and a ton of guesthouses and spas that run the gamut from mild to spicy. Lesbians are finally starting to move to Fort Lauderdale too, though most girl bars, like New Moon (, are in nearby Wilton Manors.

Yep. "Homo mecca."

According to the Advocate, the only way to get gayer than Fort Lauderdale is to head over to Cambridge, Orlando, or Salt Lake City.

Click here for all the Advocate's list on gay American cities.

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