Fort Lauderdale's Ten Most Pervasive Stereotypes: True or False?

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6. Is a sleepy town Weirdly, Fort Lauderdale has inexplicably earned a reputation for being a kind of a sleepy town. This might be because it's no longer the spring-break capital of the world (which NOT A SINGLE PERSON is complaining about). It also might be because it's become more family-friendly lately. It also has to do with the fact that Miami Beach is right next door. But Fort Lauderdale is still very much a sexy-ass town.

And we have the numbers to prove it, natch.

Just this year, Motovo ranked Fort Lauderdale the seventh-most-exciting midsized city in America. This is thanks to an active nightlife. According to Motovo, there's one bar or club for every 460 people. The site also ranked Fort Lauderdale the second-most-exciting city in Florida, behind Miami Beach.

Verdict: Ah, hell naww. This town is sexy, exciting, and very much awake!

5. There are no die-hard sports fans here This myth is due in large part to two things: Every sports team in South Florida is named the Miami Whatevers, and because of the Florida Panthers. Also, the Strikers. What the hell is that about?

The Panthers have traditionally sucked. And it's tough to sell South Floridians on hockey when the hockey team is terrible. So, yeah, attendance has suffered.

That being said, Fort Lauderdale has very much been big supporters of the local pro teams down here. And that's even with most teams playing way down in Miami. Sun Life Stadium is practically in Broward County, and one can argue that the majority of die-hard lifelong Dolphins fans all live north of Miami.

Then there's the Marlins, who for the first couple of decades of their existence had strong support from Fort Lauderdale. That is, until Jeffrey Loria decided to dupe Miami-Dade into building him a stadium in Little Havana and he changed the name from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins.

And, of course, the Miami Heat. Fort Lauderdale loves the Miami Heat. It's not our fault "Fort Lauderdale" isn't as sexy sounding as "Miami." It's also not our fault we're not stupid enough to let billionaires build stadiums with taxpayer money.

Verdict: Not true. Fort Lauderdale loves them some pro balls.

4. Think they're better than everyone else We're one of the sexiest cities in America!

And our downtown kicks major ass.

So, yeah.

Verdict: Pffft. Of course!

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