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Fort Liquordale: Where You Can Get Your Slob On

You don't have to be J-Lo to kick it in Fort Liquordale.

Hell, ladies don't even need to put on make-up, heels, or a mini-dress to rub shoulders with our boozy set...and fellas can get away with flip-flops, jeans, and a ratty T-Shirt.

Bookings through one of the nation's largest network of travel agents indicate that Fort Lauderdale will be a popular vacation destination in 2009. In fact, according to the Travel Leaders survey, our little port and beachfront will attract as many visitors as Miami (the two cities tied for 11th place among domestic destinations). Last year, Miami ranked #10 and Fort Lauderdale #16.

The reason for Fort Lauderdale's bump in the ranks? It's low-fallutin'-ness.

"Miami has a reputation for being a very glitzy place, whereas Fort Lauderdale has a reputation of being more laid back, less intimidating. There's the perception that you can come as you are, that it accepts all comers," says Steve Loucks, vp of communications for Travel Leaders, formerly (and better) known as Carlson Wagonlit. 

Hear that all you bums and slobs? Fort Lauderdale wants YOU!

--Amy Guthrie

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Amy Guthrie
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