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Fox 29 Suggests Gas Prices in Tiny Towns

Fox 29 didn't disappoint this morning. As part of their usual repertoire of using minifacts to fill the two-hour morning news segment, they provided loyal readers with some cheap gas prices. 

This would be nice and useful if you live north of Palm Beach County. That's unfortunate for those of us residing in the bustling areas south of Martin County. But just in case you don't feel like working this morning, here's how much you would spend per gallon of gas and how much you would waste heading up there.

All lowest gas prices are courtesy of Gas prices in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and Hobe Sound courtesy of Fox 29 Morning News.

1. Stuart -  $2.52
Lowest gas price in Fort Lauderdale: $2.72
Miles from Fort Lauderdale to Stuart: 81.53 miles
Cost in gas (for a car that gets 25 MPG): $9.33

2. Port St. Lucie - $2.53
Lowest gas price in Boca Raton: $2.89
Miles from Boca to Port St. Lucie: 76.68 miles
Cost in gas (for a car that gets 25 MPG): $8.99

3. Hobe Sound - $2.57
Lowest gas price in West Palm Beach: $2.75
Miles from WPB to Hobe Sound: 34.63 miles
Cost in gas (for a car that gets 25 MPG): $4.05

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Devin Desjarlais

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