Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Is Dead Wrong About Rick Scott's Approval Ratings

Four days after he took credit for solving the federal budget crisis, Gov. Rick Scott insisted that his proposed state budget provided a blueprint for President Obama to follow.

During an infomercial interview about tax policy on Friday, Scott "absolutely" agreed with the inference from Fox and Friends cohost Brian Kilmeade that Scott's "actions" are "showing the president there is another way."

Throughout the segment, Scott stretched the truth as carefully as a pizza maker stretches dough, stopping just before he had any rips to patch. But the network needed stronger support for its "fair and balanced" narrative. So when misrepresentation wasn't enough, it resorted to outright mendacity.

"So the states that have to balance their budget are making the tough decisions and getting appreciation for it. Your approval ratings are up," Kilmeade said at the end of the interview and went on to say the same about Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

I haven't looked into Cuomo's or Christie's approval ratings, but I'm damned sure that a recent poll from Quinnipiac University found that the number of Floridians who dislike Scott has more than doubled since February. And in late March, Public Policy Polling found 55 percent of voters unhappy with Scott, up from his 43 percent disapproval rating shortly before he took office.

Nice work, Fox and Friends. Don't you let those "facts" get in the way of reporting now, ya hear.

The clip is embedded below if you feel like suffering through the entire four minutes. But it's mostly typical deception.   

Scott lauded his own budget -- never mentioning the parts that even Florida's Republican dominated Legislature refuses to consider -- then warned that higher business taxes will scare businesses out of the country and insinuated that taking your business to Panama is the most patriotic thing to do when democracy doesn't completely go your way.


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