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Fox News Piles on Rynerson

I will venture a guess that Jack Seiler, Dean Trantalis, and Steve Rossi all have some familiarity with porn. The difference between those three candidates and the fourth candidate for Fort Lauderdale mayor is a paper trail: Earl Rynerson's credit card statements contain charges that can be traced back to pornographic websites. Since the credit card is part of a civil case, the statements are public record

Juice was the first site to independently research the charges, and I've been told that copies of this Dec. 31 post were placed on cars parked outside a church where a mayoral candidates' forum was held.

Now Fox News has put an Earl Rynerson story on the front page of its website, and the Sun-Sentinel has posted a video: The subject of both? Those racy credit card charges.

Rynerson hasn't been returning my calls, which is a shame, because I suspect he knows exactly who's behind the whisper campaign that brought these rumors to light. In this instance, the rumor was that something sinister and scandalous was in Rynerson's public record. But while the material was salacious, it wasn't scandalous. Rynerson is openly gay and the porn sites appear legal. So it would be a shame if any voter who was leaning to Rynerson changed his or her mind based on these revelations. Let he (or she) who is without porn, throw the first stone.

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