Franklin Sands: Rick Scott "Can't Bring Himself to Speak the Truth"

Weston-based State Rep. Franklin Sands seems to have finally had enough of Gov. Rick Scott, today issuing a nice rant stemming from a letter the governor wrote to him a little over a month ago.

The governor telling lies every so often apparently doesn't sit well with Sands, who dedicates a good portion of his diatribe to Scott's recurring B.S.

"When an individual decides to seek public office, it entails a public trust," Sands says. "By that, I mean that there should be a reasonable expectation that the public official is telling the truth. And that is one of the problems I have with our current governor; he often doesn't tell the truth. He tells half-truths, he tells barely truths, and he makes statements that are just downright false."

Among those not-truths, Sands references Scott's imaginary credit-rating upgrade, the cooked-up high-speed rail costs, falsely claiming a state budget "surplus," and his perpetual obfuscated claims about jobs creation.

Sands didn't even mention all of the untrue statements from the governor based on just one fact-checking organization.

"In my interpretation, Rick Scott's problem isn't that he doesn't know the truth; it's just that he can't bring himself to speak the truth," Sands says.

And he's not done.

"Another issue I have with the governor is his basic philosophy of how to run state government," he says. "I truly believe that he is so out of touch with mainstream Floridians that he does not understand or care about the everyday issues of working people."

His reasoning for that includes Scott's willingness to cut government personnel, reject federal health care assistance, and then not close any corporate tax loopholes.

"Rick Scott claims to be the 'jobs governor,' but it's quite apparent that these firings will put some of the most vulnerable Floridians at severe risk," he says.

It's always nice to see a scathing rant against the governor, so you can check out Sands' entire statement here.

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