Free John Rodstrom!

The Sun-Sentinel's Scott Wyman has an interesting story this morning about the black newspaper Westside Gazette supposedly excluding white candidates from its political forum.

Seems white commissioner John Rodstrom is all atitter about being excluded. Oh, poor John. The troubles he's seen! When are the discrimination laws in this country going to protect rich white men?

It's all quite lovely idiocy, especially coming from Rodstrom, who gave up any hope of winning black votes years ago. Plus, Sheriff's candidate Scott Israel and Shak Dhangi, neither of whom are black, were at the forum, which, oh, I don't know, seems to hurt the premise that no white candidates were allowed. And then Rodstrom has the cajones to bring his campaign manager, Judy Stern, into Scott Wyman's story to complain that Gazette Publisher Bobby Henry told her that Jews excluded other candidates all the time.

This is the lowest form of divisive, dirty politics I've seen in a while and it's coming not from Henry (of whom I'm no fan, read this for proof), but from Rodstrom. You know what the better story is? That Rodstrom's campaign manager is Judy Stern -- the most active and influential lobbyist at the Broward County Commission.

Here's a better story, Scott. Research all the issues on the commission involving Stern's clients and see which way Rodstrom voted. That might drum up some genuine outrage.

UPDATED: Check out the Sun-Sentinel comment board beneath Wyman's story. Apparently there really was outrage. The thing unleashed the half-baked white supremacist crowd in a big way. Some examples of what they had to say:

"Blacks are a race of predigest, bigoted, racists confirmed as inadequate by Affirmative Action."

"You don't want darkie answering the phone at 3am; he's either getting his freak on or his chicken on..."

"The more black Americans open their mouths the more ignorant they sound, if that's possible. Blacks are constantly proving time and again they are some of the most racist people here in America. When is white America going to wake up and stop appeasing this low achieving race of people?"

"the typical black person is way to bold these days. they have become very mean and prejudice.they need to mind their manners."

"There is a reason no black man has ever been elected as President, look at them when they become Mayors, or any other elected official. They can't stop from being extremely corrupt and racist!"

"So many cruise ships available to take these unhappy blacks back to their home (Africa). The American public is sick of reading and hearing about how they (blacks) want it all, but hate America."

And on and on. Way to get an intelligent dialogue going, Sun-Sentinel.

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