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From Gold Toilets to Toilet Paper: Rothstein Victims Can Flush Away Grief

If you're a victim of Fort Lauderdale's Ponzi king, Scott Rothstein, here's a grand way to spend your last $16.

Granted, that's a bit more than you pay for Charmin, but this is a luxury product. There's simply no way to put a price tag on the satisfaction that comes with seeing that grinning mug -- the same one plastered on billboards and that blanketed society mags -- looking at you from either side of the two-ply.

It's not clear what the company marketing this item, Cramo Productions, is going to do with the money it raises. An email to Cramo was not immediately returned. There's no listing for Cramo Productions on the Florida Department of State website.

The proceeds from another Rothstein-inspired product,

the Ponzi line of T-shirts, which Chaz Stevens is selling at My Acts of Sedition, are going toward Women in Distress.

In the most recent sign of the dollar's inflation, a roll of Bernard Madoff toilet paper cost only $9 -- but notice that they have already sold out. So Rothstein collectors will want to act fast. Especially those on a high-fiber diet.

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