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This Broward Health email was sent to all media contacts from the Pulp's favorite tax-assisted public health system. They must really hate that old name (and all the baggage that goes along with it). But their attempt at rebranding has clearly gone amok. "Broward Health Coral Springs Medical Center"? I can't wait to see if the dailies follow these instructions.

From: Gregory, Susan [] Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 4:39 PM To: Gregory, Susan Subject: Broward Health Media Contacts

The North Broward Hospital District has changed its name to Broward Health and should be referred to as such in all media coverage relating to our healthcare facilities and services. The individual names of most of our facilities will remain the same but will be preceded by Broward Health. When time and space allow, we ask that media use the Broward Health name with the facility. For example: Broward Health Coral Springs Medical Center.

Broward Health strives to be a major resource of healthcare information for the people of this community. To that end, Broward Health will make every effort to provide prompt and accurate information to the media. We have a wide range of experts available to discuss health-related issues. So, please contact us if you need an expert.

North Broward Hospital District should be used only when referring to our Board of Commissioners, our legislative taxing authority name and with legal and financial documents.

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