From The Election Desk

-- Just a rumor at this point, but sources say that the Miami Herald's Todd Wright was kicked out of Mara Giulianti's election party (wake?) by the mayor's husband, Donald, who allegedly shouted at the reporter. Trying to get more, but if it's true, more power to Wright. I slammed him a little bit on his coverage of Keith Wasserstrom's trial, but his election reporting was excellent.

-- The last woman standing in Cooper City is Debbie Eisinger, who was reelected as mayor. She may have gotten lucky, since her two opponents split the opposition vote. In the past year, all of her colleagues have exited stage left. Bart Roper decided not to run for reelection. John Valenti and Linda Ferrara were both unseated last year. And Elliot Kleiman got beat last night. Why? Well, the destruction began after CBS-4's broadcast on the commission's having eats and drinks on the taxpayers' dime. But there are other issues I may get into later. To add insult to injury to Kleiman, NBC-6 couldn't get his name right during last night's election coverage. The station spelled it "Kleinman." Ooch.

-- Funniest line from election reporting comes from Dave Barry (whodathunkit?): "Most of the candidates ignored Wyoming and focused on the New Hampshire primary, except Rudy Giuliani, who's following a shrewd strategy, originally developed by the Miami Dolphins, of not entering the race until he has been mathematically eliminated."

-- Who is Peter Bober, anyway?

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