Fun With Headlines, Etc

Some recent headlines in the South Florida media:

-- From this morning's Sun-Sentinel: "Salerno's legacy: Growth, rancor"

Outgoing Sunrise city manager Pat Salerno couldn't have liked that one. You can hear his eulogy, now: "Yes, he was a good man, full of both great growth and boundless rancor." At least it gives us some good ideas for what to rename the street that bears his name out at Sawgrass.

(More here on Salerno's ouster from Natalie P. McNeal in the Miami Herald)

-- From the Miami Herald: "Shaq to miss at least two weeks."

Yes, and we care because ...?

-- From Tamarac Commissioner Ed Portner: "What kind of heart are we showing? Are we showing a heart that really cares or are we showing a heart that's hard-hearted."

I know, I know, that's not a headline, but play along here and guess what Portner was talking about:

A. Displaced Puppies B. Sisters of the Poor C. Foreclosed Homebuyers D. None of the above

The answer is, of course, D, because Portner (father of ethically challenged county commish Stacy Ritter) is well-known to be driven not by the downtrodden creatures of the world but by well-monied special interests. The answer is: Developers. Portner tried to engineer a $711,000 fee break for Prestige Homes, which is building a large development at the old Sabal Palm and Monterey golf courses. Thankfully the gift was voted down by a majority of the commission. (Read the Sun-Sentinel article here).

-- Ihosvani Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel wrote a Metro-front story about the Holocaust-baiting political episode in Hollywood I wrote about yesterday. In it, Rep. Elaine Schwartz -- a Mayor Mara acolyte -- stood by her despicable actions, which isn't surprising. Nobody's ever lost money short-selling Schwartz's leadership abilities. Take her recent analysis of the property tax amendment on the Jan. 29 ballot. In the document, which a kind reader sent the Pulp yesterday, Schwartz decries the fact that it is "too big a cut to education." Then, in the same analysis, she complains that it is "too small a tax break."

Way to take a disciplined stand, Elaine.

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