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FWC Is Hiring People to Wrangle Up Crocodiles

Are you bored with working in the same old office day after day?

And by "same old office," we mean "not the swamp."

Do you feel like you need to be challenged at your job?

And, by "challenged," we mean "maybe almost eaten."

Because the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is looking to hire people to go out into the Florida wilderness and nab 'em some crocodiles!

And yes, this is a real thing!

The FWC has put out an ad for people interested in working as a croc wrangler or, as it calls it, a Crocodile Response Agent.

Of course, there are some catches.

One of which being you'll be paid to pick up an 880-pound wild animal that can crush your head with a biting force of 7,700 pounds. Or, as some scientists have theorized, the same bite force of the T-Rex.

The job entails capturing and relocating crocodiles and, in some cases, remove dead crocs from a specific area. The position is part-time only, the pay is hourly, and it offers no benefits.

Also, you'll need to provide your own vehicle and equipment. Which means you need to figure out what one uses to wrangle up crocodiles and also make sure it fits into your car. And then hope it doesn't devour you from the passenger's seat.

A Crocodile Response Agent will also need to be on call, and the operation is seasonal.

The FWC says the preferred candidate should live near the areas the position is targeting -- Miami and the upper Florida Keys. Experience in customer service is also a plus. Because you need to be attentive when someone calls to report a crocodile has sneaked into his swimming pool.

Experience handling crocodiles is preferred, but those with no experience can also apply, as training will be provided.

Never handled an animal that has the ability to bite your face off at any given moment while you are completely helpless to stop it? NO PROBLEM. Because, training!

So, to recap:

You'll be getting paid hourly on an on-call basis to go pick up crocodiles from places, sometimes dead, sometimes alive, and then chuck them into the back seat of your Acura and take them someplace else.

And you'll be given the official title of Crocodile Response Agent, which is totally sweet.

Interested? Hit up the FWC website and apply.

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